GTMF On the Road


GTMF On the Road is a new initiative by the Grand Teton Music Festival to bring live classical music education to audiences in Teton County and surrounding communities through free concerts performed by Festival Orchestra musicians. GTMF On the Road aims to make the art forms of classical and jazz music accessible by breaking down favorites in the genres and introducing audiences of all ages to basic musical concepts.

Community partners in this initiative include Hole Food Rescue, Teton Literacy Center, Above and Beyond the Classroom in Teton Valley, One22 Resource Center, Teton Music School, St. John’s Hospital, Teton County Public Library, Jackson Hole Public Art, Astoria Hot Springs, Jackson Hole Senior Center and National Museum of Wildlife Art.

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GTMF On the Road Ensembles

Feel The Music – String Quartet
A String Quartet made up of Festival musicians hosted by Education Curator Meaghan Heinrich. Meaghan and the quartet will look at different classical pieces from Tchaikovsky to Mozart and talk with audiences about the emotions they evoke and why. What emotion did that piece make you feel? Why do you think that is? Each quartet member will also showcase their instrument and a particular emotion which music makes them feel.

Tell Me a Story – Brass Trio
Features our GTMF Brass Trio and the Poulenc Brass Trio. Meaghan will break down the music and show audiences how composers use different techniques and instruments to paint the picture of a story. Each musician will demonstrate how their instrument can be used to add color to the story.

A World of Music – Jazz Quartet
A World of Music will be hosted by Mike Richards and the GTMF Jazz Quartet. From the beaches of South America, to the deserts of the Middle East, the quartet will travel the globe and highlight why and how music sounds different in different parts of the world. The quartet will also demystify for audiences the terrifying concept of ‘improvisation’ in music and even get audiences to participate in a little improvisation of their own.

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