About the Grand Teton Music Festival

The Grand Teton Music Festival’s mission is to provide exhilarating musical experiences. The festival was founded in 1962 by the Jackson Hole Fine Arts Festival to foster classical music experiences for performers and audiences and to improve and enrich the cultural awareness and opportunities for people in Wyoming and the adjacent area. Sixty years since its humble beginnings performing in a tent at the base of the Tetons, the Festival is now sought after for both listeners and performers alike as a destination to experience the finest in classical music throughout the summer.

The Grand Teton Music Festival Orchestra consists of top talent from across the country, including more than 200 musicians from 80 orchestras and 55 institutions of higher learning, many performing together each summer for over 25 years. The Festival also welcomes some of the most sought-after soloists and visiting artists in classical music today. Under the baton of world-renowned Music Director Sir Donald Runnicles, these musicians come together to gather inspiration from the mountain setting and to provide spectacular music for Festival audiences. 

The Grand Teton Music Festival is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization (23-7034152). All donations are tax-deductible to the extent allowed by law.

Walk Festival Hall

The Grand Teton Music Festival’s all-wooden performance facility, Walk Festival Hall, is acclaimed by listeners and performers alike for its intimate atmosphere and superb acoustics. Walk Hall is located in the heart of Teton Village at the base of the Jackson Hole Ski Resort, a short drive from the town of Jackson. When you take a seat in Walk Hall, just a few feet away from our orchestra, be prepared to be fully enveloped by music. Like much in Jackson Hole, our hall is unpretentious, but delivers the clear sightlines and warm acoustics that provide a wholly intimate musical experience. Walk Festival Hall is available to rent year-round for concerts, conferences, film festivals and wedding receptions.

AtmosAir Solutions Bi-Polar Ionization Technology Installed at Walk Festival Hall
For the safety of our patrons, musicians and staff, GTMF installed two AtmosAir Matterhorn units at Walk Festival Hall in 2020. Tests performed by Microchem Laboratory, one of the world’s preeminent laboratories for testing sanitizing products registered by the EPA and FDA, confirmed that the presence of coronavirus was reduced by 99.92% within 30 minutes of exposure to AtmosAir’s bi-polar ion technology. | read more

For more information about Walk Festival Hall availability, please contact General Manager Jeff Counts at 307.732.9958 or email jeff@gtmf.org.

Festival History

The Grand Teton Music Festival was founded in 1962 as a part of a movement to actively develop cultural activities in Jackson Hole. The Festival was initially produced by the Jackson Hole Fine Arts Festival, and with the appointment of Ling Tung as music director in 1968, the Festival began growing into the organization we know and cherish today. Ling conducted concerts in a canvas tent at the base of Rendezvous Mountain in Teton Village. Envisioning the Festival as a summer retreat for the country’s top classical musicians, Ling and his spouse, Margot Walk, worked tirelessly with the Jackson community to open Walk Festival Hall in 1974. Through the years, the Grand Teton Music Festival has grown into one of the nation’s finest orchestral organizations, a tradition that continues to this day with our current Music Director Sir Donald Runnicles.

Jackson Hole

Jackson Hole is one of the most sought after vacation destinations in the U.S., nestled at the base of the Teton Mountain range just next to Grand Teton National Park and the southern gate to Yellowstone National Park. The town of Jackson is known as the “Last of the Old West.” The surreal natural beauty of the area is the perfect setting to experience outdoor adventure, distinctly western culture, and the Grand Teton Music Festival’s world-class orchestra. The Wall Street Journal commented that our Festival is “One of the best places in the country to hear classical music in the summer.”

“Jackson” and “Jackson Hole” are used interchangeably to refer to our area of the world. Jackson is the official name of the main town in Teton County. Jackson Hole refers to the entire valley we are situated within, which is surrounded by mountains. The Grand Teton Music Festival takes its name from the highest peak in the Teton mountain range, the “Grand.”

Yellowstone National Park is an hour from Walk Festival Hall. The gorgeous scenery around Jackson is also home to an array of wildlife including herds of antelope, bison, elk, and deer. We also have  moose, grizzly bears, black bears, gray wolves, and mountain lions, as well as rare birds such as trumpeter swans, bald eagles, blue herons, and osprey. Keep your eyes and ears open when you are here!