‘Freedom Songs’ continue to move forward – Julia Bullock will perform Jessie Montgomery’s work at GTMF – Jackson Hole News & Guide

Vocalist Julie Bullock performs Jessie Montgomery’s new song cycle, “Five Freedom Songs,” with the Grand Teton Festival Orchestra, Thursday through Saturday at Walk Festival Hall in Teton Village.

The word “freedom” has become fraught with politics in the 21st century. Can one exercise one’s freedom without compromising the freedoms of other? Do one person’s rights trump those of another? Does your power come at the expense of my power? Does it ever make sense to give up a portion of our liberty in exchange for some other benefit?

“The idea of community building, the idea of lifting up all people, that is still a radical way to live, a radical way to think for some,” said soprano Julia Bullock. “In some way, making music is one of the environments where we can live that out, where we can build that community — everyone’s voice is heard and honored in an ideal work environment, in the ideal way of making music.”

Bullock visits Jackson Hole this week to perform “Five Freedom Songs,” new settings of old African American spirituals by Jessie Montgomery, with the Grand Teton Music Festival. Co-commissioned by the Grand Teton Music Festival, Sun Valley Music Festival and a handful of orchestras across the country, Bullock presented the world premiere last weekend in Ketchum, Idaho

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